Spectra TTM-550-P Portable Transit Time Flow Meter


Spectra TTM-550-P Portable Transit Time Flow Meter.

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The Spectra Technologies model TTM-550-P portable transit time flow meter provides the user with a complete easy to use package. The TTM-550-P can be installed where ever flow data is required. A built-in data logger can be programmed to collect data for the desired time period. The unit can generate a 4-20 ma output or other communications protocols as well as relay contact alarm points. The TTM-550-P can be installed to temporarily substitute for permanent equipment that is out of service, keeping your critical processed up and running.

The standard system is provided with the handheld unit, a set of standard M-2 sensors (pipe sizes from 2” to 36”) cable assemblies for each sensor, sensor straps, acoustic couplant, and power supply\charger all in a hard aluminum carrying case. Small pipe (0.5” to 2”) and large pipe (36”-210”) sensor are available as an option.

Spectra Technologies line of Transit time flow monitors offers superior cutting edge performance for a wide range of applications. The products have been designed for use for with totally clean liquids to those with up to 2% suspended solids. The latest in digital and microprocessor-based technology has been incorporated into all of the Spectra transit time products. The result is a non-invasive flow monitor that provides accuracies that are equal to invasive, wetted surface devices at a fraction of the cost.


  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Minimal installation time
  • Minimal material costs
  • Reduced down-time


  • Non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers for most pipes
  • Measures liquids containing suspended reflectors
  • Wide velocity range
  • Flexibility: with automatic gain control and in-field linearization, adapts to a wide variety of applications


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