Control Loop Surge Suppressor


Control Loop Industrial Surge Suppressor.

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The IP-140-d provides industrial surge suppression and has been designed to protect sensitive process control equipment and instrumentation from proximity lightning strikes and other surge sources, this multi-stage design utilizes gas ionization-based technology as primary protection stage. A secondary stage incorporates a high-speed, transient voltage suppression (TVS) circuit. The final stage employs ultra-fast, thermal-based circuit breakers with auto-reset capability. This final stage not only supports the primary and secondary stage protection, but also provides equipment protection from mis-wiring or equipment failure, which may introduce high voltage or current onto the control loop. DIN rail mount. DIN rail clip supplied.

Type: Multistage
Primary Stage: Gas ionization, crowbar action
Maximum Current: 20,000 amps\460 joules
Response TimeP: 1μs\100 volt rise
Surge Life min.: 400 shots at max. current
Secondary Stage: Transient Voltage Suppressor
TVS: bidirectional
Maximum Current: 70 amps
Response Time: <1ns
Clamping Voltage: 36 volts
Surge Life: Unlimited
Final Stage: Thermal Type, ultra-fast,
auto-reset circuit breakers
Maximum Current: 168 ma
Response Time: <0.5 μsec.


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