120 VAC Surge Suppressor, EMIRFI filter and Power Conditioner IL-120-10


120 V.A.C. Power Conditioner, EMIRFI Filter and Surge Suppressor.

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The Iso-Line Series of products provide AC industrial surge suppression, power conditioner EMI / RFI filtering in a single, low-cost package. Iso-Lines are typically used as a point of protection device for a wide range of equipment.

While many manufacturers provide limited surge suppression with their products, it is typically inadequate or short-lived. The use of Iso-Line products ensures extended years of protection, as well as providing stable, conditioned power and elimination of the effects of EMI-RFI noise. With the Iso-Line products you get stable, clean power even during “brown out” conditions.

Type: Multistage
Primary Stage: Thyristor, crowbar action
Maximum Current: 32,500 amps\750 joules
Response Time: 1μs\100 volt rise
Surge Life min.: 400 shots at max. current
Secondary Stage: ZNR type Voltage Suppressor
Response Time: <1ns
Clamping Voltage: 130 volts
Surge Life: Unlimited
Maximum Continuous Current: 10 amps
model dependent
Type: Passive, broadband,
common mode
Range: 0.1Hz to 100 MHz


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