Control Loop Surge Suppressor and EMI\RFI filter IP-240-D

Control Loop Surge Suppressor and EMI\RFI filter IP-240-D
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This is a multi-functioning product which provides both surge
suppression and effective EMI/RFI noise filtering for all types of
control loop applications. The surge suppression portion of the circuit
is designed to protect the sensitive process control equipment and
instrumentation from proximity lightning strikes and other surge
sources. The multi-stage design utilizes gas ionization-based
technology as primary stage of protection. The secondary stage
incorporates a high-speed transient voltage suppression (TVS) circuit.
A final stage employs ultra-fast thermal-based circuit breakers with an
auto-reset capability. This final stage, not only supports the primary
and secondary stages of protection, but also provides equipment
protection from mis-wiring or equipment failure that may introduce
high voltage or current into the control loop. EMI/RFI noise filtering
is accomplished by a broadband passive noise filter. The proprietary
common mode filter circuit provides an effective elimination of
undesirable noise and EMI/RFI from 0.1 Hz to 50 Mhz.

Type: Multistage
Primary Stage: Gas ionization, crowbar action
Maximum Current: 20,000 amps\460 joules
Response Time: 1μs\100 volt rise
Surge Life min.: 400 shots at max. current
Secondary Stage: Transient Voltage Suppressor
TVS bidirectional
Maximum Current: 70 amps
Response Time: <1ns
Clamping Voltage: 36 volts
Surge Life: Unlimited

Type: Passive, broadband,
common mode
Range: 0.1Hz to 50 MHz

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