Spectra Technologies, Inc. model DF6100-EC, digital Doppler flow monitor

Spectra Technologies, Inc. model DF6100-EC, digital Doppler flow monitor
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The Spectra Technologies model DF6100-EC is a fully programmable, non-invasive, wall mounted Doppler flow monitor. Based on Doppler technology, the DF6100-EC does not come in contact with the liquid being measured. Because the DF6100-EC required a minimum of 25ppm of 30 micron or larger homogeneous particles in the liquid, it is ideal for most waste liquid applications. In fact, the DF6100-EC has been field proven on applications that contain as much as 10% solids, making it the ideal instrument for sludge applications.

The DF-6100-EC dual sensor configuration can be used on pipe sizes from 1” to 235”.  The unit is programmable for pipe size, units of measure and totalizer multiplier. A 4-20 ma output is provided as well as relay and pulse outputs. 120 VAC 50/60 Hz powered. Supplied with dual sensor and 25ft of cable. 

Spectra Technologies line of Transit time flow monitors offers superior cutting edge performance for a wide range of applications. The products have been designed for use for with totally clean liquids to those with up to 2% suspended solids. The latest in digital and microprocessor based technology has been incorporated into all of the Spectra transit time products. The result is a non-invasive flow monitor that provides accuracies that are equal to invasive, wetted surface devices at a fraction of the cost.

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