REFURBISHED Fuji Electric Time Delta-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter

 REFURBISHED Fuji Electric Time Delta-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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The Fuji Delta C digital transit time flow monitor is a fully programmable instrument that will accommodate a wide range of applications without contacting the liquid being measured.

The advanced design allows the Delta C to be used to measure the flow of totally clean liquids such as deionized or demineralized water, condensate, well water, raw or finished water as well as dirty liquids with suspended solid concentrations up to 2.0%.

Easy to install, the Delta C transmitter is menu driven and can be easily programed for  pipe size and material as well as other required parameters to insure a high accuracy flow measurement.

This unit is offered with the FSGB-41 sensor set that can accommodate pipe sizes from 2” to 48”.
The sensors are supplied with 45 feet of cable.

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