About Us

About Vortex Technologies

Established in 1992, Vortex Technologies team brings experience from all areas of industry, and we apply this experience to our customer needs. We have the capabilities to assist you with addressing a wide variety of common or not-so-common application issues. We offer a diverse line of in stock solutions as well as the ability to custom design and produce a solution to meet your specific requirements and issues.

Our Business Philosophy
Quality is important to any manufacturer. We emphasize quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process. We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price and fast delivery to our customers.

Vortex Technologies, Inc. is a full service engineering support services organization. We specialize in not only providing high quality, brand name process control and instrumentation products, but also offer turnkey installations, calibration services and repairs for a wide range of products and manufacturers.

  • Calibration and Certification Services
  • Instrument Sales and Rental
  • Instrument Installations
  • Instrument Repairs
  • Flow Surveys
  • Surge Suppression and Transient Protection
  • Fully Insured

Ultrasonic Specialists


With over 35 years of experience in ultrasonic based systems, Vortex Technologies can assist you in selecting ultrasonic technologies that best suit your requirements. From clamp-on flow monitors for full pipe applications, open channel flow monitoring or level sensing and control we can evaluate your application and make recommendations as to how to best achieve the results for your control systems.


Ultrasonic technologies have advanced significantly in the past few years. New transit time flow meter designs can now provide accuracies and features that were only available from high cost, invasive, wetted surface technologies. Multiple manufactures can now address not only clean liquid flow like well water, process water, finished water and other potable water, but also those liquids that contain suspended solids and bubbles up to 8%. Waste water, either at the source or at the waste treatment plant level, lift stations or even mid process liquids like Waste Activated and Return Activated sludge and be addressed accurately.


Open channel flow monitoring is a natural for ultrasonic based systems. New developments in sensor and electronic processing technologies as well as the addition of sensor temperature compensation have improved performance of these devices such that they can meet the demands of the most difficult applications.


Ultrasonic level controllers provide performance and features that can maintain level control to fractions of an inch. Microprocessor based systems provide multiple set point alarms as well as 4-20 ma transmission and a variety of communications protocols.

The best features are ease of installation and programming and virtually no maintenance is required for these types of products. Before you invest in other technologies, find out more about the latest in ultrasonic based systems by contacting Vortex Technologies.


Calibration and Certification Services
Vortex Technologies offers third party, in-house and field calibration services for a wide range of products and technologies, including flow, level, pressure and temperature technologies. Vortex Technologies can calibrate your full bore magnetic, turbine, propeller, ultrasonic or differential pressure devices as well as others.


Keep your process equipment and process systems operating at peak efficiency. Insure that you are meeting the requirement of discharge permits or other regulatory requirements. A certificate of calibration and compliance is provided for each piece of equipment that is calibrated making record keeping simple, up-to-date and worry free.


Vortex Technologies due date reminder service lets you know when your next calibration is due.



Field Calibration Methodology


In order to keep your flow instruments operating at like new factory specifications. Vortex Technologies technicians will install a non-invasive, NIST traceable reference meter on the same line that the meter in need of calibration is installed. Initial readings for each device are recorded and any difference in flow rate between the reference device and the meter under test is noted. A percentage correction factor (k factor) is calculated. The meter under test is then adjusted to match the reference meter. For critical processes, the process flows can be changed and a multi-point curve can be generated to show the operational characteristics of the meter under test at various flow rates and how it relates to the reference meter.  


Instrument Sales and Rental

Vortex Technologies offers a wide range of popular process control instrumentation. Flow, level, temperature and pressure devices are our area of expertise. Vortex Technologies is not a typical manufacturers representative, but rather we maintain a distributor relationship with many suppliers. This arrangement allows our application engineers to evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations for the appropriate product that provides the best solution for that specific situation.

If you are in need of equipment for a short term, flow or level survey, interim device while waiting for replacement equipment delivery or any other reason, Vortex Technologies offers a range of rental equipment that can meet your needs. Install the equipment yourself or have Vortex Technologies install and commission the equipment.

Instrument Installations

No matter where you procure your instrumentation, Vortex Technologies offers installation services for virtually any type of instrument. Complete electrical and mechanical services are offered. There is no job to small or large for Vortex Technologies, whether a single instrument or dozens of varying types you can be assured all work will be done to the highest standards at a reasonable cost.

Flow Surveys

If you need to balance plant flow, size equipment like tank-less water heaters, chillers, water softeners or water filtering systems. Vortex Technologies is your source for flow survey data collection. As a recognized expert in flow survey work, Vortex Technologies can provide turnkey services. From supplying the necessary flow metering equipment, equipment installation, data logging devices through report generation, all aspects of flow survey projects can be completed by Vortex Technologies.


Specialty Services

When it comes to finding help with special project Vortex Technologies is your source for:

  • Flow Surveys
  • Closed Pipe Flow
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Sewer Flow
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Loggers
  • Chart Recorders
  • Wireless Telemetry Systems
  • Maintenance Contracts                                                                        


Protecting your Process Control Investment

Vortex Technologies manufacturing division has been supplying a wide range of equipment protection products since 1994. Vortex Technologies can supply and install:

  • Surge Suppressors
  • Total Facility    
  • Point of Protection
  • A.C., DC, Control Loops and Telecommunications applications
  • Phase Monitors
  • Isolators and EMI\RFI Filters
  • Ground Transient Terminators
  • Signal Conditioner Modules