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Vortex Technologies, Inc.

Surge Suppressors, EMI\RFI Filters, Power Conditioners, and Isolators designed for Process Control and Telecommunications Applications

The investment your company has made in its process control infrastructure is a substantial one. Process control professionals have seen significant changes in the sophistication of process instrumentation that have come about in a relatively short span of time. Computer control of even small or medium size plants are now common. Primary sensors and transmitters, that are the heart of these control system have capabilities that were unheard of just a few short years ago. As a result, the sensitivity of control systems to undesirable, although common electrical, electro-mechanical, radio frequency interference, power surges and static discharges has increased by orders of magnitude. Unfortunately, solutions to many of these problems have lagged behind current trends or have just not been available.....until now!  
Vortex Technologies is a leading supplier Surge Suppression technology, EMI\RFI filters, Power Conditioners and Current Loop Isolators designed to meet the needs of today's sophisticated process control industries requirements. Products that have been designed specifically for use with instrumentation are now available.